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How Does It All Work?

The tarot have been around for ages. We have all seen horror movies, with the little old gypsy woman reading her well-worn cards, to predict gloom and doom.

Creative as those movies may be, they aren't entirely accurate. Tarot is based more on interpretation. Unlike the Ouija board, there are no 'Yes' or "No' cards.

When having a reading done, you, the seeker, have a question you would like an answer for. I then lay out my spread of cards, concentrating on your question. The spread I use, the Celtic spread, can guide you through past, present, and future, giving you a better understanding of your circumstances. Helping you to make the choices that are right for you.

Am I psychic? Yes and No. No one is truly 100% psychic, as some would want us to believe. If the 'movie' psychic were out there, we couldn't have lottery drawings, and would have no need for political leaders. The world would be a chaotic place.
However, I believe I am more intuitive than most people. I am a strong believer in Angels, and the Spirit world.

Examles of this in my life:
Every time someone I love passes on, I have a strong, unpleasant, and angry reaction relating to that person. When I lost my brother, I reacted to his death as it happened. He was killed violently, and I, at home miles away from him, felt an overwhelming anger and frustration towards and about him. Only later, did I find out this episode occured at the precise moment of his death. I believe his spirit reached out to me that morning, as it left this world.


Since the beginning of time, humankind has been aware of the forces and cycles of nature. Astrology and Numerology are ways to interpret these influences, to show how the cycles effect our lives.

YOur holistic number is the total sum of the numbers of your birth day, month and year. This number reveals your life purpose or challenge, and its positive and negative sides.

By understanding your holistic number, you can rise to a greater level of self-awareness.

For example:
My birthday is May 15, 1969
0+5+1+5+1+9+6+9=36   3+6= 9

My holistic number is 9.

Attributes of number 9:
Compassion, tolerance, sensitivity. Charasmatic personality, with a perceptive mind, and psychic ability. Tendency towards strong premonitions. However, this passionate mind, is prone to mood swings and melancholy. Learn to develop patience, and how to channel worry into a positive force.
Me, in a nutshell.
What is your number? What does it mean for you?